Northern workshops for job seekers

Join a Northern virtual workshop to unleash your job seeking potential and find out how train travel can connect you to more employment opportunities.
Northern Rail - 21/10/2021

We have FOUR virtual workshops to choose from, each lasting around 45 minutes:

CV writing and interview coaching
• How to make a CV stand out
• How to prepare for an interview
• How to best structure your answers
• General hints and tips to use during an interview

What is great customer service?
• How to communicate effectively
• How to build a good rapport
• Attitude and product knowledge

Building self-esteem
• The importance of good self-esteem
• How to identify low self-esteem
• Understanding ‘Imposter Syndrome’
• Develop a toolkit to build up self-esteem

Being Northern
• Who we are and where we go!
• Our vision and values
• What is important to us?


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