Jobs @ Skills Hub Data Privacy and Consent

Why we need to hold and share your data

Newcastle City Council, which runs the Jobs @ Skills Hub Service needs your consent to hold and share relevant personal information about you. This is so we can make referrals to other parts of the City Council and our partners to enable them to provide help and services that may be available to you, and/or to pass your details to potential employers. Due to Partner funding arrangements, we need to collect this data to satisfy the criteria of accessing the funds. If we do not hold this consent from our customers, we may not be able to offer all of the services available.

What information do we need and why

The information we want to hold and share is: Why we need it:
Your name and date of birth. To identify you and create a unique customer record
Previous job roles and work experience To understand your experience and track record, to enable an employer to assess your suitability for roles
Training or any other vocational courses undertaken – type of course, provider and qualifications achieved. To understand the skills and qualifications that you have to offer an employer
Any barriers preventing you from entering into work. To enable us and our partners to provide appropriate support
Specific job goals – Agreed action plans and referrals to job vacancies. To identify relevant job and training opportunities
Details of job outcomes – employer, nature of work and start date. To understand whether our support has been effective or not, and whether we need to offer you further support
Personal contact information (telephone number, address, email address etc) So we can contact you

Who we may share your information with and why

We may pass information that you provide to:

  • Other services within Newcastle City Council, including Connexions, Supported Employment and Newcastle City Learning
  • Potential employers
  • Skills Hubs partners. This currently includes: Newcastle Futures, the National Careers Service, JET, Reviving the Heart of the West End, Moving On Tyne & Wear, the Millin Centre, PNE Enterprise, Newcastle UXL, Your Homes Newcastle, Job Centre Plus, Groundwork, Smart Works Newcastle and the Princes Trust. More information about these partners can be found at We may add additional partners in the future, where they offer additional services of value to job seekers, and may share your information with those partners under an extension of our data sharing agreement.
  • Organisations appointed by us to evaluate the effectiveness of the Jobs @ Skills Hub service

This information will only be used or shared for the following purposes:

  • To enable an employer to consider your suitability for a vacancy
  • To help our Partners provide you with relevant advice and support in relation to getting back to work.
  • To help our Partners to encourage you to access the support and advice they provide, or that is available to you.
  • To help the Skills Hub adviser to support you by discussing your needs
  • To enable us to engage with your employer or prospective employers or third parties who may provide employment or offer services that support employment opportunities
  • For evaluation and research purposes to measure whether this initiative is successful or not

Your personal data will not be used or shared for any commercial or marketing purposes.

If you sign up with a programme provided by one of the Skills Hub partners, you may be required to provide further details and evidence and will be subject to their specific data handling and processing arrangements. This will be explained to you by that partner at sign up.

How we will hold your data

The information will be stored securely by the Skills Hub (Newcastle City Council) and will only be used for the specific purposes as detailed below. Personal details will be held on a secure central Hanlon database run by and overseen by Newcastle City Council and with your permission, can be shared with other Hanlon users (only organisations registered as Hanlon users). This information may be held both as records within the Hanlon system, and as copies of documents such as CVs or application forms stored within that system.

Newcastle City Council’s Privacy Notice can be found at